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What sets Tropic Freeze Frozen Drinks apart from other companies? Tropic Freeze Frozen Drinks provides the highest quality real fruit concentrates.  Our mixes our 98% natural real fruit purees.  You can taste the difference.   Does Tropic Freeze Frozen Drinks supply the liquor ? NO, We do not supply any liquor or alcohol beverages. Our mixes are concentrates that contain alcohol. Can the frozen drink machines operate outside ? Yes! What type of electrical connection do I need? The machine requires a minimum 110 volt dedicated circuit. The machine needs to be placed near an electrical outlet. Tropic Freeze Frozen Drinks provides extension cords if needed and only those cords may be used. Important delivery information Location must be wheel-chair accessible.  Please discuss at time of booking. Can I use my own Margarita Mix ? NO, our mix is made exclusively for Tropic Freeze Frozen Drinks and our machines. Do I need any ice? NO, the machine will make its own. How far do you deliver to? Lake Worth to Mid-Dade County.  Delivery charge may apply.
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